Music Up Close Tumwater House Concerts

Located in Tumwater WA, near Olympia WA,  we have been hosting house concerts since April 2010. We started hosting concerts because we want to share great music with friends. We want an atmosphere where the music is the focus. It could be described as a listening venue. We try to reduce the distractions of espresso machines, chatter, and general distraction found in taverns and cafes.Chairs Music Up Close

Music Up Close is not a business. We do not sell tickets. The donation jar is the only method of raising money and all the proceeds go to the musicians. We do not publish our address anywhere. We have limited seating, this is why we require reservations. We need to know how many folks are coming. Sometimes we create a wait list in case of cancellations. We promote primarily via word of mouth.

We find artists by attending Folk Alliance Conferences, by attending other house concerts and by word of mouth. We try to see each and every artist before hosting them for a concert. We did make an exception for Gordon Bok, he got the “folk music legend” exemption.

To get on our mailing list send a note to

History of Music Up Close House Concert Series in chronological order.


Juni Fisher

Rachel Sedacca

Reilly and Maloney


Dave Stamey

Elephant Revival

Juni Fisher

Reilly and Maloney

Jody Stecher and Kate Breslin, Cliff Perry and Laurel Bliss

Blackberry Bushes


Ari and Mia Friedman

Abby Mae and the Home School Boys

Bill Evans

Debra Cowan


Jennifer Hajj

Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys

Blackberry Bushes

Darryl Purpose w/Daryl Silberman

Dave Stamey

JC and Laney

Steve Spurgin


Lindsay Lou and the Flat Bellys

Gordon Bok

Amber Cross w/ guest Bryan Bowers

The Stray Birds

Vicki and Joe Price

Red Moon Road

Reilly and Maloney


Maurice Tani w/Mike Anderson


Bryan Bowers

Ronny Cox w/Rad Lorkovic and T Bruce Bowers

West My Friend

Joe and Vicki Price

Betty Soo

Jack Williams

Red Moon Road


Humor and Heart

Steve Spurgin

Chuck Hawthorne

Reilly and Maloney

Maurice Tani

Alana Levandoski http://www.alanalevandoski



JC and Laney

The Blue Janes

Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman

Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble

Dave Stamey

Spook Handy Remembering Pete Seeger: Keep the Flame Alive


Maurice Tani w/ Mike Anderson








About Music Up Close Tumwater House Concerts

A humble house concert series established in 2010. Inspired by Bob Bossin, Apple Jam, Olympia Folk Society, and Pete Seeger.
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