October 22, 2016 Johnsmith House Concert

We are excited to host Johnsmith  for a house concert in Tumwater WA. johnsmith-photo

6:00 PM for Pizza and Potluck, 7:00 PM for music. Suggested donation is $20. 100% goes to the artists.  Reservations are required. We have limited seating. Address is released with confirmed reservation.

johnsmith-cd-longing-roadHere is his latest CD

Here are some great quotes about John


“Darn you, Johnsmith! I’m driving on a gorgeous day, and put your new CD in to listen. ‘Family Artifacts,’ reduced me to tears and made me pull off the road. As you have done in the past, you have written another song that brings to the surface so many emotions. And you do it again and again throughout ‘The Longing Road.’ If it is even possible, you do it more powerfully than ever before. Your gift of writing deceptively simple songs that spring from a deep place in the soul is a rare one. And with the likes of Tim O’Brien, Darrell Scott and Tom Prasada-Rao, the musical settings are exquisite.”
~ Bob McWilliams, KPR (Kansas)

Johnsmith’s latest album, The Longing Road (his 7th release), is – to my ears – his finest recorded work to date. From opening to closing notes, you are rewarded with 14 superbly-crafted poem-songs; delivered with soul and sincerity, style and grace.
Supported by cream-of-the-crop Roots musicians (ie: Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott) and all overseen by Producer extraordinaire Tom Prasado-Rao, John’s rich, emotive and ‘lived-in’ voice has never sounded better; at once poignant and bitter-sweet yet humorous and playful, John’s gentle, poetic soul always shines through.
This album is, quite simply a real gem; a collection to be treasured, savored and enjoyed for many a day to come.
~PJ Curtis (Author/Record Producer)

About Music Up Close Tumwater House Concerts

A humble house concert series established in 2010. Inspired by Bob Bossin, Apple Jam, Olympia Folk Society, and Pete Seeger.
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