Our House Concert Checklist for Concert Prep.

As I get older I create more checklists.

Three days before the concert date
Start Dough
Roast at least 1 lb of coffee beans
Two Days before the concert
Clean Living Room
Dough step 2
Dust Ceiling for cob webs
Set up Chairs
Clean Bathrooms
Grind coffee beans for coffee toddy
Clean counter tops
Make name tags
Make Pizza sauce
send email reminders with directions
Day Before the Concert
Mop Floors
Transfer coffee to container and refrigerate
slice Onions Olives, peppers
drain mushrooms
Grate romano cheese
Size the mozzarella
Make vat of pudding
set up beverage container
slice lemons and limes
Buy Ice
set up cups, plates, flatware and napkins
set up pump pot
set up extra table(s)
Install table cloths
TP and Paper towels
Pre heat the brick oven
Sweep the breezeway and the front steps
Day of concert
Make dough balls refrigerate
Make coffee in the pump pot
Set out cream and sugar
Make ice water with lemons and limes.
Set out bottle openers
Set out Tea bags
Set out the Music Up Close Sign
Plug in the Light Bar

About Music Up Close Tumwater House Concerts

A humble house concert series established in 2010. Inspired by Bob Bossin, Apple Jam, Olympia Folk Society, and Pete Seeger.
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