Music Up Close Tumwater House Concerts

Located in Tumwater WA, near Olympia WA,  we have been hosting house concerts since April 2010. We started hosting concerts because we want to share great music with friends. We want an atmosphere where the music is the focus. It could be described as a listening venue. We try to reduce the distractions of espresso machines, chatter, and general noise found in taverns and cafes.Chairs Music Up Close

Music Up Close is not a business. We do not sell tickets. The donation jar is the only method of raising money and all the proceeds go to the musicians. We do not publish our address anywhere. We have limited seating, this is why we require reservations. We need to know how many folks are coming. Sometimes we create a wait list in case of cancellations. We promote primarily via word of mouth.

We find artists by attending Folk Alliance Conferences, by attending other house concerts and by word of mouth. We try to see each and every artist before hosting them for a concert. We did make an exception for Gordon Bok, he got the “folk music legend” exemption.

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